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the film
City of London Square Mile


The World Stripped Bare tells the story of how the City of London is at the root of the devastation of our planet and what we can do about it

The world according to the United Nations, now has a limited time to solve Climate Change. It's such a pressing problem that a date of 2050 has been set to be Carbon Zero. This target does not seem achievable. We're pumping gas and fossil fuel like there's no tomorrow. Most banks are heavily invested in fossil fuel and the problem is getting worse. The same might be said for environmental devastation, caused by deforestation.


This film is about how City of London is at the root of most of the environmental problems we face today. It's special place in history sets it apart from Wall Street or Tokyo. The film also looks at some of the solutions we can apply to our everyday lives.​


The facts
Deforestation - chopped tree trunks


Nothing is illegal but all is unethical

There's a old adage that says: 'all wars are bankers wars'. The same can be applied to deforestation, mining, agriculture and industry. Every facet of modern economics is based on growth. Resources though are largely non-renewable.


Our film charts the rise of London, from how money flows around, to the way it is invested. We see how it literally disappears into black holes, and can be in two places at once. We look at how this damages our planets atmosphere and environment.


Tax justice isn't about making sure everyone pays their fair share. It's about the very survival of our world. Warren Buffet, the third richest man pays less tax than his secretary. The same reason why this occurs helps to kill our planet. It's called 'secrecy' and it exists all around us. It is completely invisible. We are totally fooled by the economic system we live in. It's as if it cast a spell amongst us and left us blind.

The mission
Climate Change Protestors


This film is designed to help create TV series that exposes the problems

The problem with the media is that they want to tell you the standard story, or they want to tell you it in a way that puts you to sleep. We've broken traditional methods of funding our film. Firstly, to start with, I financed the film completely, to give us full editorial control. Secondly, our film is anything but boring. It is a dark satire with cartoon animation.

We're going to expose the economic system for what it really is: corrupt, ecologically damaging, and largely immune from any form of regulation or law, which it treats with disdain.

The World Stripped Bare is the first - a pilot film - for a series that Perimetr films will look to develop with a major broadcaster. Our calling card is: 'The World Stripped Bare' a financial thriller like no other.

John Clarkson BA(Hons) MSc

Executive Producer

In Development

The following programmes are in development as part of Perimetrfilms overall plan of action. These represent a small number of ideas we have for this much larger series.

Construction Sites

Chernobyl in Chelsea

The story of how developers can get rich, using oligarch money from all over the world, whilst failing to protect people's lives in places such as Grenfell.

Here we'll talk about the next great development: the Ladbroke Grove development also known as Project Flourish.


Golden Yachts

In 2022 the Russian oligarchs were suddenly in the spotlight. Their assets including numerous yachts were seized. What happened aboard these yachts? Where did the money come from? How was it invested? These are some of the scandalous, sexy goings on that we look at in another episode of 'The World Stripped Bare' the series

Male Pharmacist

Are you Roger or Rose?

The Tavistock clinic scandal that proved that big pharma and clinics now operate together to make money from brainwashing young people into new identity beliefs. This is part of an overall situation where big pharma now are part of a world wide corporate struggle that is invested heavily offshore and owned by just a few owners.

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