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Why we support Ukraine

Ukraine was made an independent nation under several post-Soviet Union treaties. It gave up its nuclear weapons. Russia declared that they would not invade to re-establish control. Ukraine has less far right wingers in it than France (less than 1% compared with 43% of France). There's no fascists, no Nazis, no problem that Russia faces as a result of Ukraine. Putin though illegally invaded Ukraine in 2014. He created an excuse because he wanted to steal the Eastern and southern resources Ukraine has. Having already stolen most of his own nations resources and half of all his oligarchs wealth, Putin lives off the power he has over his secret police, intelligence services, army, airforce and navy. This power is by bribery and corruption.

Britain played a major role in Putin's dominance and power over Russia. Boris Johnson received £2.3 million from Russian oligarchs to get Brexit done. (BREXIT is where Britain pulled out of the EU, thus weakening it.) Putin is looking to break up the EU and as prelude to breaking up NATO, so he can invade the rest of Europe and bring back the Soviet Union of his youth. It's madness, but he gains a lot of supporters.

Where is most of that support from? I have discovered that Serbians, many Indians, and some African nations absolutely support Putin, regardless of his army raping and murdering children, women and men in Ukraine during part 2 of his invasion in 2022. It could already be as high as 300,000 or more people that have been murdered, raped and suffering injury due to the war. This is absolutely wrong, and there's no historical justification for it whatsoever. Whatever the allies of Ukraine or Ukraine has done in the past doesn't mean you can stay neutral as India is doing. There's no neutrality in this war. You are either for Putin (neutral or on his side) or you are on the side of Ukraine. There's no in-between position. Ukraine has the right to decide when the peace occurs, and what is acceptable and when. If I was in charge of Ukraine, I'd say all of Ukraine pre-2014 invasion must be liberated as a line in the sand. I'm sure most Ukrainians now feel the same and I'm not even a Ukrainian!

Russian oligarchs feature in our film. Why? Because the City of London is the crime capital of the world. If you don't think that is true, consider the $11 trillion it funnels offshore every year from around the world, depriving poorer people of education and healthcare, and old people from receiving care, and generally increasing poverty.

People like Rishi Sunak are also oligarchs, as are American extremely wealthy people. They make up the 1% that control 99% of the worlds resources. This huge gap between rich and poor is propped up by the City of London of Corporation and its bankers, armies of tax lawyers, accountants, auditors and tax and investment consultants. You'll see this in our film.

You can support Ukraine by sending donations to the charities at the bottom of our page. We urge you to do so as it is important for all of us to live in a free society, not one run by a psychopathic murderer.

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